7117-4: Compact Length, Spey Rod Soul.

The New 11'7" 7wt. Compact length. Spey Rod Soul.


Call it whatever you like. We call it the best 11 1/2 foot two hander the world has ever seen. When tight quarters and big fish are the job of the day, this is the tool that gets it done.

The 7117-4 is our newest two-hander, and is becoming a favorite of anglers who wants to fish a long line in a river short on space. From the Bonaventure to the Pere Marquette to the Sol Duc, there are places where a 13 footer is too much stick, and a single-hander just isn't enough. Enter the 7117-4.

The specs:

  • 11'7" 7wt
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Grain Window: 420-540 grains
  • Ideal Lines: Airflo Compact Scandi 480, RIO Skagit Flight 525, Airflo Skagit Switch 510, Nextcast 45' 6/7
  • Fish size: 5-17lbs

This is a versatile rod for today's versatile angler, a rod that finds big fish in small places. Whether you're up to your armpits fishing a high bank on the Skagit, or up to your ankles in a tiny tributary. This rod will make the cast with accuracy, line speed and ease.

Call it whatever you want to. We call it the 7117-4.


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