Farlex Fly Reels

Enter the world of classic design and astute functionality!  Farlex Reel Company had an idea in mind and set out to get it done, the end result is sure to impress you.  Their reels are offered in many configurations to match anyone’s desire.  How to decide:

First decision is what size, 3 ¾” or 4”.  The 3 ¾” is perfect for spey rods in the 11’6” to 13’6” range and the 4” easily covers everything bigger.  Both models feature huge capacity that’s more than adequate for the largest diameter lines. The 3 ¾” holds 150 yards of 30lb backing, 100’ running line and your favorite spey heads.  The 4” reels will hold 250 yards of 30lb backing 100’ running line and heads.

Next comes mechanics, do you want direct drive or multiplier?  It’s purely a personal choice and one doesn’t hold an edge over the other unless fast line retrieve is necessary.  If fishing a big rod, the extra weight in the multiplier is desirable to some anglers.

Now noise level, again purely personal choice.  All reels can be ordered 1-way or 2-way check.  1-way is silent retrieve with an outgoing check.  Either way you get the beautiful sound of a fish in full fury.

Almost done, all reels are available with an S-handle or plate wind.  You can also choose dual handle or single handle with a counterbalance on each.

Cosmetic appeal is next, color choice:  Silver, Black, or Green, with almost any combination of the two available.

Lastly, right or left hand wind.

Each reel is hand assembled to your order, and individually serial number for quality and authenticity.  You can’t go wrong letting us help you put together a “custom” reel to go along with your “custom” Burkheimer!

3 ¾” Direct Drive Plate Wind (9.6 oz.)    $800.00*            
3 ¾” Direct Drive S-handle (10.6 oz.)      $875.00*            
3 ¾” Multiplier Plate Wind (9.6 oz.)      $1100.00             
3 ¾” Multiplier S-handle (10.6 oz.)        $1175.00
4” Direct Drive Plate Wind (13.9 oz.)      $950.00
4” Direct Drive S-handle (15.8 oz.)        $1025.00
4” Multiplier Plate Wind (15 oz.)           $1150.00
4” Multiplier S-handle (16 oz.)               $1225.00

*If a 3 ¾” Direct Drive is ordered with 1-way check add an additional $100, both the Plate Wind and S-handle models.

Give us a call for full details:  360-835-1420