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Choosing the Right Two-Handed Fly Line

Lining a two-handed rod has become a confusing and ultimately frustrating exercise for anglers entering the Spey game.  Looking at the array of lines offered by all the major manufacturers the choice becomes just as murky as a river in full spate.  

First question usually asked is; are head systems or full integrated lines the way to go?

Let's break it down; do you want a head system or a full fly line, both have their pluses.  In the case for shooting heads versatility is the key benefit.  By setting your reel up with a looped running line an angler can easily change "heads" to match the conditions and presentations desired.  For example, Skagit heads are designed for moving heavy sink tips and large flies, basically get it down and keep it down.  But when you need to fish on or near the surface, looping on a Scandi style head gets you in that game perfectly.  By carrying a couple different heads, they are small and easily stowed, you gain supreme versatility.  When considering a full integrated line, while not as versatile regarding quick change, they do cast beautifully and allow for less stripping between casts. A real plus in the eyes of many seasoned anglers.

Rest assured, we have cast and fished all these lines on our rods and have put together an easy to understand recommendation for each of our models.  Still confused?  Then let us put our knowledge and experience to work, we can set you up with the optimum choices for your fishing needs.

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