The 8152-4 is here: Big Water Anglers Rejoice

Dateline: Summer 2011.  Summer fish were nosing their way into rivers across the Northern Hemisphere, and we had repeated calls for a big water rod. Anglers wanted a long line stick for the Clearwater, the Thompson, the Skeena, the Tweed and the Gaula. They wanted a 15' rod that cast 8/9 wt lines to the backing knot, and they wanted it crisp and light-in-hand.

So we set out to design the ultimate big river steelhead and atlantic salmon rod. The length was 15'2", we knew that. We knew we wanted a rod with the guts to throw a long line and a bomber into the wind. We knew we wanted a rod that felt great with an 8lb fish but had the cojones to turn a 20 pounder.

We wanted the best 15' steelhead rod the world has ever seen.

After many prototypes and countless hours, the rod is here:

8152-4 Specs: 

  • 15'2" 8wt
  • 8.75 oz
  • Grain Window: 520-750gr
  • Ideal lines: Nextcast FF 70' 8/9, Airflo Delta Spey 8/9 or 9/10, Nextcast FF 45' 8/9


The rod is in production now and will be hitting rod racks across the world in the next week. We're extremely excited about this rod, and glad to give the people what they want.  If you like to fish big water, if you like to throw tight loops a very, very long way, if you like to swing the long sticks, you've found your rod.