7115-4 Review- by Jay Nicholas, Conservation Staff

Our Conservation Staff Specialist Jay Nicholas has posted his review of the 7115-4. Seems that he is quite a fan of this rod, and has fished it for King salmon and steelhead. Jay's objectivity might be shaky, and his technical expertise is, as he states, "about average." That said, his time spent fishing the 7115-4 for Chinook and steelhead, with a pretty weird variety of fly lines, has opened even our eyes to some possibilities for this rod that we had come to overlook. Fishing this rod for Kings is a little beyond what we would normally recommend. Then too, we prefered this rod for Scandi Compact lines over Skagit lines and tips. But Jay's pestering and rave reviews have prompted us to re-think our preconceived notions. I took to the river recently with a box of lines and a fresh perspective. Just goes to show how we can all learn from each other. To read Jay's full review, visit his blog: Fishing With Jay