Tiger's Anyone!

Do something different this summer.  While Northwest Steelhead are predicted to be on a doom and gloom course this year look to other fisheries to fulfill that angling need.  One of them that Mike Sturza from Lost Creek Fly Shop shared recently got us jazzed beyond belief.  He’s been working a Burkie 10wgt on these bruisers and having some awesome success!  In Mike’s own words:

“This Burkie 10 wgt has a lot of depth, soul and hidden personality.  Once you develop a relationship with the rod it does everything and does it well.  For our fishing we us a Scientific Anglers Titan Taper floater or the Wulff Ambush clear intermediate.  Either line but especially the Ambush is a match made in heaven!  Sweet for those short quick shots, but doesn’t leave anything on the table when stretching a 70’ cast.  All in all a soulful selection!”

For those of you looking for something different and a great fishing opportunity contact Mike at the Lost Creek Fly Shop in Onalaska, WA (360-520-9855 or tigermuskie00@hotmail.com).  We’re headed up to fish with Mike ourselves very soon!