Greg Bencivenga Joins the Burkheimer Team

Long time Berkheimer Pro-Staffer, FFF CI & THCI Casting instructor, and a no holds barred, get it done angler.  Greg is well known and highly respected throughout the fly casting and fishing world.  His knowledge on lines, rods, rivers, techniques, and fly casting is second to none and we’re extremely excited to have him on board.

Greg is one of the best two-handed casters around, regularly placing in the Spey O Rama casting competition and teaching others in all aspects of spey casting.  He is known as Sensei by the other competitors.

Greg will be responsible for blank production at the shop, starting with preparation and cutting of prepreg graphite material to rolling, baking, sanding, coating, ferruling, and inspection.  As you can see we plan on keeping him busy.

If you need a casting tune up, a specific line to rod match question, what rod to consider, or just want to talk fishing you can reach him via email