Late Winter Dispatch from Yellowstone Country

By Chris "Grizz" Andelin

The weather has taken a turn for the better here in Henry's Fork country. Old man winter hasn't quite left yet, but he's packing his bags for a holiday in some far off hemisphere, and that's fine by me! It's been really nice here, nice enough to finally get some strong midge hatches popping and offer a dry fly junkie like myself a shot at some rising trout. The perfect opportunity to bust out the 489 in vintage dress and classic action. My favorite Burky when tiny flies and light tippet are the call of the day. 

A two day dry fly bender provided plenty of targets and some superb action. The Burky preformed as expected delivering accurate presentations and protecting the fine tippets during some hard fast runs from good fish. Being a little "old school" and forever promoting and respecting the traditional aspects of our sport, it's always a pleasure fishing these rods, which preform second to none and look damn fine doing it!

Now that dry fly season has started on the Fork, the 489 will be in constant rotation as one of my daily "working" rods. It's just getting started kids and we're staring down the barrel of about nine months of dry fly nirvana. Midges, Baetis, March Browns, Skwalas............ Oh my! Stay tuned.