CF Burkheimer Week at the Spey Lodge

Another year of Steelhead fishing has passed and it’s time to start a new season of chasing silver.  Our Steelhead year always gets rolling with a Week at The Spey Lodge in Terrace, British Columbia.  While some believe the Fall fishing is the time of choice in the North country, those that are “in the know”, hands down feel that the Spring fishing is even better.  We agree, Spring Steelhead fishing in Skeena Country is the finest anywhere in the world.

A quote from Brian Styskal; “Through the course of each season, this is the place and time of year I dream about.  Being there, casting to these amazing wild fish hours from the salt.  It is the highlight of my year.  I have seen things on these rivers that will blow your mind.  The Spring is it, no question!”

Skeena Spring Steelhead are very unique, they will inhale a skater if the temperature is anywhere close to 40 degrees.  One could fish a floating line for the entire week and not miss a beat.  We have friends that stick to the dry line all season on these waters with epic results.

The Spey Lodge is located on the bank of the Skeena River, two sips of coffee from the Famous Copper River.  It’s the perfect setting for your stay.  Wally Faetz owns and operates The Spey Lodge and is one of the best Steelhead and Salmon guides we have ever met.  His work ethic and knowledge would crush most guides.  This man lives and breathes the rivers he fishes.  His exploration spent on less known rivers where Salmon & Steelhead have not been documented is even more impressive.  That’s sort of the kicker, it’s an added bonus in this trip as there is the opportunity to fish water where you won’t see another human foot print.  What you will see are Mountain Goats, amazing water falls, fantastic country, and of course Steelhead.

It’s difficult to describe the lower Skeena to someone that has not experienced it before.  Easily two times wider than most all of the other big water Steelhead Rivers.  The scenery is stunning, with snow-capped mountains and classic Steelhead pools that approach 400 yards in length.  It offers a gentle gradient that’s easy to wade and the fish hold from you boot laces out as far as a solid spey cast.  Fish come from any part of your swing so staying diligent pays dividends.  Skeena Country Spring Steelhead possess a third gear, maybe it’s just the sheer size and flow of the Skeena, but expect power like you’ve never felt before.

The true Silver Lining at The Spey Lodge is Chef Molly.  She is the most amazing chef we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, truly a culinary artist.  After a long day on the river her cooking will warm your heart.

We truly hope you consider joining us for this amazing week of fishing.  You will never forget the Country, the Rivers, the Lodge, the Experience, but most of all, the Steelhead!

CF Burkheimer Spey Week

March 29th to April 5th, 2015


  • $5200.00, plus 2.5% tax, plus $100.00 for licensing per rod.  This is in Canadian funds.  Does not include gratuities.


  • Plan your arriving flight from Vancouver, BC to Terrace airport on March 29th, 2015.  We recommend contacting Debbie at Elan Travel (877-897-5071), she has extensive experience with setting up all your needed flights and connections.
  • Spey Lodge Staff will pick you up at the airport.  Look for The Spey Lodge sign in the terminal
  • Meet and greet back at the lodge and get settled into your private room
  • Introductions and orientation during appetizers before dinner.
  • Dinner at 7:00pm

Monday thru Saturday Fishing Program:

  • Morning wake up 6:00am
  • Breakfast at 6:30, at which time you will be paired with another angler and a guide
  • Depart for designated river at 7:30am
  • A 10 hour day with an hour break for lunch at 12:00pm
  • Return to the lodge at 6:00pm
  • Appetizers at 7:00pm
  • Dinner at 7:30pm


  • Plan your departing flight from Terrace to Vancouver for Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Other Details:

  • Alcohol, Spey Lodge does not provide hard liquor.  Please bring spirits with you
  • Wine, Spey Lodge will have wine available for dinners

For further details give us a shout at the CF Burkheimer Shop 360-835-1420.