Dean River British Columbia

Bucket List Trip! At a Discount…

The week is June 26th - July 3rd, hosted by Jason Hartwick of Steelhead on the Spey Guide Service. We have discounted it $1000 and is now priced at $5150. Price includes full week of guided fishing, all meals by our amazing chef, wine with dinner and our roundtrip floatplane charter flight from Smithers. We fish 6 anglers with two guides (Steve Morrow and Matt Moisley). We use a Dean style dory with jet drive outboard to get from spot to spot, all fishing is done while wading in the lower river below the canyon. Our lodge sits next to Grantham Falls overlooking the Dean Channel.

Primetime discounted week on the lower Dean River?

When the two words "Dean" and "River" are placed together, it elicits a unique response among steelhead fishermen. The Dean River is the world's top destination for steelhead. The river is beautiful beyond imagination and her steelhead are incredibly aggressive. They are truly wild and evolution has them built for speed and power. All of them must navigate a fierce canyon and leap multiple waterfalls to get to their prime spawning grounds. But the Chinook of the Dean are even more respectable. Those brave enough to chase these large and powerful fish are testing tackle and challenging the edge of what is land-able in freshwater. The Chinook here eat swung flies aggressively near the surface, run hard, jump often, and hold in steelhead water making them an easy target with flies.

Kimsquit Bay Lodge is owned and operated by Jeff and Kathryn Hickman. Jeff is a longtime friend of CF Burkheimer Rod Company and is a well-respected guide here in Oregon. Jeff and Kathryn bought the lodge last year from the Blackwell family. They are making many improvements to the lodge and maintaining the level of customer service that the Blackwell family established 20 years ago. They concentrate their fishing in the lower river below the falls and into tide water. Fish in this stretch of river are at their peak fitness! Sea lice, clear fins, and empty reels are what you’ll find here. They run a short season and cater to only 6 guests per week. With two excellent guides offering an intimate knowledge of the river, help and instruction.

Kimsquit Bay Lodge recently had a cancelation and is offering a $1000 discount for the week of June 26th - July 3rd. Price is now $5150 for a full week of guided fishing. Do yourself a favor and book this trip. Discounted spots on the Dean are unheard of.