Magic Waters Patagonia - January 2014

Magic Waters Patagonia

January 12th-23rd, 2014

Imagine trout as long as your arm on a pristine river that is yours to fish. Imagine a clean pool, unfished and flawless, around every bend. Imagine delicious, local food and refreshments in a beautiful lodge at the end of a great day of fishing. Welcome to Magic Waters Patagonia.

Eduardo Barrueto, owner and operator of Magic Waters Patagonia has kindly left us a few open slots during one of his prime weeks. This is the ultimate Chilean trout fishing experience, with a wide range of rivers and fishing opportunities. Small spring creeks in open meadows, beautiful freestone rivers cascading through canyons, wide rivers with huge migratory trout, secluded lakes surrounded by mountains.

These are fat, wild trout in a pristine enviroment, and it doesn't get any better. You can't turn back the clock, but you can fish a place that time hasn't caught up with.

Magic Waters Patagonia - January 2014

January 12-23rd, 2014

10 days an 11 nights


Please contact Kerry Burkheimer at or 360-835-1420 for more information.

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